Simple Repair Tasks

How to Fix Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets

It’s not always easy knowing how to fix smartphones, laptops, tablets and other electronics but today we’ll go over some simple fixes that you can do on your own to help save money and learn a few tricks along the way.

Simple Smart Phone Repair Tasks

Touch screen replacement: Yes it sounds like a daunting task but why spend money paying someone to fix your smart phone screen if you don’t have to? Of course there are some phones that are best left to professionals to fix but if your phone has a screen separate from the digitizer (the layer which translates taps into input), it should be fairly easy.

HTC Desire 620 Touchscreen Replacement

Before you begin, it’s imperative that you have the right tools that will let you disassemble the phone without damaging the internal circuitry. You’ll need a good screwdriver kit. Because your smartphone has hundreds of tiny screws you’ll need screw drivers that are made specifically for smartphones and computers. Make sure the kit you purchase includes screw drivers that can unscrew the new screws find on the latest models. These screws typically have special heads that require a special driver. Lastly, and most importantly you’ll want to get a plastic screen pry tool to help you pry parts that are pressed together.

Once you are able to open your phone properly, other items that you can fix fairly easy are buttons that might be stuck or broken, the camera and the headphone jack. There are several online guides you can use for your particular phone to help you along the way.

Simple Laptop Repair Tasks

Don’t junk your laptop just yet. If your screen has stopped working or you’re seeing the blue screen of death or your keyboard is completely dead, let’s see if we can fix it.

Asus K53S HDD cover

On the bottom of most laptops, you will see sections of plastic flaps that are typically secured with 2-4 tiny screws. These areas allow you to access parts of the laptop that you can change out yourself. Make sure to look at your manual to find which flaps house specific parts. Generally speaking you can usually replace items such as your battery, keyboard, your memory and possibly even your fan.

HP G6 Pavilion Keyboard Replacement

Laptops are pretty small in comparison to a desktop computer so it’s imperative that you pay close attention when attempting to repair or replace parts. Taking out the wrong screw or using too much force could cause additional damage. If you get stuck, don’t panic.

Take a time out and head over to YouTube. Chances are someone is attempting to repair the same model you are and has created a step by step video to help you out.

Simple Tablet Repair Tasks

The most common repair task for any tablet is a touch screen replacement. While tablets are basically mini computers that allow us to work on documents, take images, play games and pay bills, they are usually smaller than a laptop and pretty light weight. Tablets are easy to accidentally drop or knock over which means that they screen can easily get damaged.

DELL Venue Windows Reset

If you find yourself with a cracked or broken screen, chances are that you can repair the screen yourself. The first thing you’ll want to do is identify which type of replacement screen you’ll need. Ebay or Amazon should be able to help you track down a comparable replacement screen for your tablet. Find the front glass and digitizer assembly kit that will work with your particular model. There are plenty of guides and videos online to assist you in changing out your screen.

Fixing your own touch screen replacement or building your very own smart phone repair room at home can be an awesome learning experience and help save you a lot of money. Remember that you do so at your own risk. If your product is still under warranty, you might want to consider taking it to a certified repair center as opening the device usually voids the warranty.

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