Super Mario Bros

Super Mario is a series of platform video games created by Nintendo featuring their mascot, Mario. Alternatively called the Super Mario Bros. At least one Super Mario game has been released for every major Nintendo video game console and handheld.The Super Mario games follow Mario’s adventures in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom, usually with Mario as the player character. He is usually joined by his brother, Luigi, and occasionally by other members of the Mario cast. As in platform video games, the player runs and jumps across platforms and atop enemies in themed levels. The games have simple plots, typically with Mario rescuing the kidnapped Princess Peach from the primary antagonist, Bowser.

The first title in the series, the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) release of Super Mario Bros, established gameplay concepts and elements prevalent in nearly every Super Mario game since. These include a variety of power-ups and items that give Mario special magic powers including fireball-throwing and size-changing from tiny to giant sizes.

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